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Happiness in Every Sip: Happisips is the pioneer in bringing to you a revolution of its own kind. A plant based organic Chicory drink that has loads of nutrients and benefits. For many years, chicory has been used as an ideal herbal remedy for curing different diseases.

Let us have a look at some of the best benefits of Chicory products:

Improves Immunity :

Chicory has got qualities, which makes it an ideal booster for your immune system. In fact, it has got many antibacterial properties.There are phytochemicals and it thus acts as antioxidants, and cleans out radicals from the bloodstream. Consequently it decreases the likelihood of constricting a number of diseases.

Protects Liver :

Chicory root extract to protect the liver against toxicity and chemically induced free radicals was reviewed. It was shown that chicory extract contains natural antioxidants. It was also found that the extract can hunt for reactive free radicals.Due to these properties, chicory is known to boost the body’s defense system along with liver detoxification.

“It just makes my life healthier in every way possible”

Did not expect that my anxiety issues with regular caffeinated coffee can go away, and it is a thing which we consume everyday, so definitely it’s a bliss to be a part of this Happi family.

… And best of all you’ll be giving your body all the energy kick it needs, help your heart muscles relax, keep your blood pressure in control, with the same taste & absolutely great aroma.

“Caffeine free caffe for trendier you"

Regular Decaff Coffee’s are chemically operated in factories to remove caffeine, and not just that but it also looses it’s aroma & taste in process. At Happisips we wanted to go full natural, blending in science & technology we’ve come up with a alternate to caffeine fix, that’s just not healthy but:

  • Helps you in weight loss.
  • Helps lower blood sugar level.
  • Helps in better digestion.
  • Increased metabolism High in fibres & antioxidants.
  • Same taste & aroma as regular caffeinated coffee.

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Following are the benefits of using our product


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